Ultra-Precision Mold Parts & Components Machining Service Scope

High Precision, Rigid Control.


Custom High Precision Mold Tooling Parts & Components Machining, Manufacturing

(PG) Optical Curing Grinding

Precision Can Reach +/- 0.001 mm

Surface Roughness is RA 0.05

Suitable for Precision Hardware Stamping Moulds and Precision Connector Terminal Processing.


Company Profile

Langdi Precision was founded in 2010, locates in chang’an town of Dongguan city (China Mould Town). We are one professional factory that provides professional processing technology solutions and supplies various precision parts for precision core, core inserts, thimble barrels, machine parts, fixtures, CNC precision parts, etc.

The company was combined world-advanced technology with China’s domestic market, providing technical support and sales.

We own dozens of advanced production equipment and precision testing equipment, the processing equipment from Japan and Taiwan, Whether processing or testing, read more..

Precision Surface Grinding

Max Finish R0.05; Machining Accuracy within +/-1 μm; Minimum Groove 0.070 mm; Best Clearance Range R0.01.

Custom Precision Mold Parts & Components Machining Service

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