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Precision Surface Grinding Workshop


Metal Stamping Components & Punches

Precision Mold Parts & Ejector Pins

Precision Mold Parts & Die Components Factory

Custom Made Parts Manufacturer


Precision Mold Parts & Stamping Die Components in Steel, HSS, Carbide Machining Manufacturer

Precision Machining Company, Precision Parts Manufacturer.

Complex 2D/3D Precision Parts Manufacturer

High Precision Precision Mold Part & Stamping Die Components CNC Machining Manufacturer

Precision Mold Parts/Die Components Supplier

Precision Can Reach +/- 0.001 mm

Surface Roughness is RA 0.05

Specilized In Machining Precision Mold Parts & Metal Stamping Die Components, and Cemented Carbide Parts.


Company Profile

Langdi Precision accumulates rich experiences and know-how in the machining of Complex 2D/3D drawing precision parts, which ensures high-precision standards. As a reliable supplier and manufacturer of micro precision mold parts, stamping dies components, and die casting components machining, we do every process with extreme quality management to guarantee our customers reassured components.

Machining precision mold parts and Metal Stamping Die Components & Punches according to drawings, each precision part is cared for by our skillful technicians with advanced CNC precision machining machines.

We specialize in producing custom-made precision parts and special die components in HSS, Carbide, etc. read more..

Custom CNC Machining of Stamping Die Components,  Punches and Die Inserts in Steel, HSS, Carbide

Max Finish R0.05; Machining Accuracy within +/-1 μm; Minimum Groove 0.070 mm; Best Clearance Range R0.01.

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