Project Description

Nikon Hight Gauge is a compact digital micrometer offering flawless contact measurements of dimensions, thickness, and depth. It features a measuring length equal to 100mm and an accuracy of 1µm at 20° C. Stands are available in ceramic, steel, or granite for added stability and a wide variety of probe tips are available to suit most applications.

Customer-requested precision components are manufactured and tested based on the world-famous brand mold parts standard such as Japan MISUMI/O, USA DME/O, Spain CUMSA/O, Germany HASCO/O and Germany FIBRO, etc.

Specifications of Nikon Hight Gauge:

Readout Travel100mm (4 in)
Minimum Readout0.1 Micron (switchable determined by the counter used)
AccuracyAutocollimator Stand Type 3 – Heavy duty with unique precision 2-axis targeting adjustment knobs. Spiral column height adjustment as well as 360° tilt, swivel and rotation.
Measuring AngleUseable in down or sideways position
Measuring Force – VariableDown 125-185; Lateral 85 to 125 gf
Response Speed500m/seconds or better
MFC-101 Compact Counter Tech SpecsMounting: Can be mounted directly on the Digimicro; Inches/mm: Inch or Metric (switchable); Display: 7-segment LED display; Minimum readout: 0.1, 0.5, 1.0 ,ocrpm (0.000005”, 0.00002”, 0.00005”) setting by switch on back; Reset: Zero reset button on front; RS232: RS232 output (with optional cable); Power: 12V DC adapter – available in 120V or 240V models
TC-101 Table-top Counter Tech SpecsInches/mm: Inch or Metric (switchable); Display: 10-segment LED display; Minimum readout: 0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, 1.0 micron (0.0000005”, 0.000002”, 0.000005”, 0.00002”, 0.00005”) dip switch on back; Functions: Zero reset button on front, preset, pulse check, zero blanking; RS232: RS232 output (with optional cable); Power: 12V DC adapter – available in 120V or 240V models; Optional: Extension cable 2M (6 ft) counter to Digimicro head