Project Description

Japan AMADA PG provides high quality guarantee for the curve profile grinding of special-shaped precision mold parts.

The precision tolerance can reach +/-0.001mm and the surface roughness is Ra0.05.

It is suitable for grinding various precision hardware metal stamping die components, mold parts, and precision carbide punches and die inserts for the connector terminal industry.

Precision Mold Parts Machining by PG

Carbide Components Grinding by PG Profile Grinder

Precision Mold parts and Stamping Die Components Machining and Grinding Equipment

ItemSpecificationPlace of OriginBrandQTY.RangePrecise(mm)
(PG)OPTICAL Curve Profile GrindingGLS-5PJapanAMADA20.001
PRECISION WEDM ProcessingM50BJapanSeibu10.002
PRECISION WEDM ProcessingAQ360LXsJanpanSodick10.002
Slow moving wire punching machineJM-03TaiwanJM10.01
PRECISION Surface Grinding614TaiwanShuGuang220.001
CNC HIGH SPEED MACHININGVM-850TaiwanBiser2800*500*5500.01
Milling machine3VATaiwanToponw20.01

Precision Round Parts Processing Equipment

ItemSpecificationPlace of OriginBrandQTY.RangePrecise(mm)
NC LATHE MachiningNEX-108TaiwanTAKISAWA1320(T10),320(T12)
NC LATHE MachiningCJK6140ChinaANT2
Outer Diameter GrinderWE6800-2ChinaZhengJia6<30±0.002
Inner Diameter GrinderWE6800-2ChinaHuxinC20.5-40±0.002
Small LatheYB-25ChinaJingCheng8<50±0.01
Large LatheC6140DChinaNanfang3


Inspection and Measuring Equipment

ItemSpecificationPlace of OriginBrandQTY.RangePrecise(mm)
TRIMOS Height GaugeSwitzerlandTRIMOS20.002
Rational 2.5D Measuring InstrumentTaiWanRational20.002
Rational ProjectorVB-12JapanNikon250*100 ±0.001
Nikon Hight GaugeMFC-1 MFC-501JanpanNikon12100 ±0.001
Digital decimeter0-25 25-50JanpanMinutoyo100-25 25-50 ±0.001
Hardness testerRockwell150°