Project Description

Height Gauge with excellent repeatability and with a revolutionary displacement handwheel offering its user the choice of the displacement mode of the measuring carriage, either manual or motor-driven.

Customer-requested precision components are manufactured and tested based on the world-famous brand mold parts standard such as Japan MISUMI/O, USA DME/O, Spain CUMSA/O, Germany HASCO/O and Germany FIBRO, etc.

Technical Specifications of TRIMOS Height Gauge

V5 400 700  1100
Measuring rangemm (in)407 (16)711 (28) 1110 (44)
Measuring range with extensionmm (in)719 (28)1023 (40)1422 (56)
Max permissible errors, BMPEµm2.5 + L(mm)/300
Repeatability, RMPE (2s)µm2
Frontal squareness deviation SMPEµm5811
Max. Resolutionsmm0.001 (0.00005)
Measuring forceN0.75 ÷ 1.5
Autonomyh 12
InterfacesUSB / RS232
Air cushionYes
Weightkg2124 33