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The Main Factors Affecting the Precision Mold Components Processing

From the manufacturing point of view, the main factors that affect the precision mold components processing are the following. Surface. Precision mold components of the processing outside surface is easier than the internal surface, the surface of the rule is easier to processing than the irregular surface, the processing hole is easier than the die space. Precision.

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The Difference Between Standard Parts and Non-Standard Parts in Mold Parts

Industrial production to injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die casting or forging molding, smelting, the methods of stamping products of various molds and tools needed for call mould, with the development of the industry, aviation, hardware, automotive, home appliances, medical, articles for daily use, such as manufacturing production is inseparable from the mold. Die

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Automatic Tool Change and Tool Setting in Precision CNC Machining Tool Lib

Automatic tool change and automatic tool setting for tool magazine of precision CNC machining center: Precision CNC machining is to complete a variety of processes in the automatic state of CNC equipment, mainly for some fixed mass production operations. But for the mold industry and small batch production units, do not always go to the

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China’s Precision Hardware Manufacturing Industry is Close to the World Level

In recent years, with the further expansion of market awareness and the continuous improvement of business level. From visual inspection to simple measurement and then to precise measurement, the progress of measurement technology ensures the progress of manufacturing technology to a certain extent. Mr. Qian Xuesen, a famous scientist, once pointed out that information technology

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What is Precision Parts and Components Processing Technology?

Many people know what precision parts processing, but for machining technology, I think there are still many people are not very familiar with it. The machining process specification is one of the process documents that stipulate the machining process and operation method of parts. Under the specific production conditions, the more reasonable process and operation

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CNC processing Difficulty of All Metal Mobile Phone: Leading to Insufficient Production

On the difficulty of CNC processing of all metal mobile phones: it leads to insufficient production capacity. In fact, it seems that the threshold of mobile phone metal CNC industry is relatively low, and it can start production after purchasing relevant equipment. However, it is not easy to do a good job. The same manufacturers

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