Automatic tool change and automatic tool setting for tool magazine of precision CNC machining center:

Precision CNC machining is to complete a variety of processes in the automatic state of CNC equipment, mainly for some fixed mass production operations. But for the mold industry and small batch production units, do not always go to the machining center, many manufacturers buy A machining center when CNC milling to use.

It is very simple to use the tool magazine for the cost of the CNC system, but the spindle and tool magazine, air compressor and various tool handles will increase the cost, and the programming and adjustment of the tool magazine also need to spend the corresponding time. Therefore, for less than one or two hundred workpieces of the same variety, the machining center should not be used as far as possible, which has high cost and low efficiency.

An automatic tool setting system can be used for precision CNC machining. The tool is loaded up one time and one button is used. The machine tool can automatically adjust the tool and process it directly. The error is within 0.001 ~ 0.0003 mm, which is not much slower than the automatic change time. If it is a machining center, the efficiency of the machine tool without an automatic tool setting device is much higher than that of the machine tool without a tool magazine but with an automatic tool setting device.

For the domestic manufacturing industry, especially for mold manufacturing enterprises, it is generally single-piece production, and labor resources are sufficient. Therefore, for the processing of small batch industrial parts, we should fully consider the use value of funds, and not use machining center equipment. What’s more, there are still many problems in the tool magazine of domestic manufacturers.

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