We specialize in Machining Small Complex 2D/3D Drawing Parts


Optical Curved Profile Grinding Technology for Small Precision Parts

Optical Curve Profile Grinder is also called Profile Grinding Machine (abbr.: PG).

It provides high quality guarantee for the curve profile grinding of special-shaped precision parts and can get a mirror surface effect.

The machining precision can reach +/-0.001mm(1μm).

The surface roughness can be made Ra0.05.

It is suitable for processing various precision components for micro metal stamping dies and punching tools.

It is especially suitable for machining hard metal complex components in cemented tungsten carbide or high-speed Speed(HSS) Materials.

CNC Centerless Grinding and External and Internal Cylindrical Grinding Technology

Centerless Grinding for Cylindrical Parts:

The true roundness can reach up to 0.001mm.

The surface roughness can reach within the Ra0.05mm.

The accuracy can reach 0.001mm.

External and Internal Cylindrical Grinding/Turning:

Processing Range: within Φ320m。

Machining Accuracy can reach 0.002mm.

CNC Centerless Grinding and Insdie and Outside Round Grinding Technology

Precision Plane Surface Grinding Technology

The precision plane grinders are also called precision surface grinding machines.

They are mainly used for precision machining of shape finishing and surface parallelism and finish.

The maximum finish is R0.05;

Machining accuracy can be controlled within +-1um;

The minimum groove is 0.07mm;

The best clearance angle is R0.01.

It can satisfy all kinds of ultra-precision micro metal stamping die components processing.

Wire Cut EDM (WEDM) Machining Technology

Seibu High precision WEDM M50B and Sodick WEDM AQ360LXs.

WEDM is also called Wire-Cut EDM, or called Erosion Machining.

There is also a high-end wire-cut in oil, it is can be called oil-cutting that can get ultra-precision good R angle.

Processing accuracy up to +/-2um; Finish up to Ra0.31;

Min.line diameter 0.07mm;

Best clearance angle R0.06.

It can satisfy all kinds of complex mold inserts/inlays or special cavity parts ultra-fine processing.


NC LATHE Turning Technology

CNC lathe TAKISAWA NEX-108 with an advanced Japanese system.

The lathe is designed to meet increasingly complex processing requirements.

Its design philosophy is to pursue high efficiency and rigidity.

Max.processing diameter is/mm:320(T101),320(T12);

Max.processing length is /mm:530;

Bar processing diameteris /mm52.

CNC High-speed Milling Technology

The CNC high-speed milling machining machines are also called 3-axis CNC milling machine.

Travel(X/Y/Z): 800x500x550 mm.

Spindle Speed: 8000 rpm.

Cutting Speed: 10000mm/min.

The CNC high-speed milling machines can be used to machine rectangular or cylindrical precision parts in stainless steel or bakelite resin materials.


High-End Precision Inspection and Measurement Equipment

Langdi Precision has high-precision measuring and quality management equipment.

They include Swiss-made Altimeters, Japan-made height gauges, 2.5D Image Measuring Instruments, digital Rational Projectors, Digital decimeters, and Hardness tester, etc.

TRIMOS Height Gauge
Rational 2.5 D Measuring Instrument
Rational Projector Measurement Inpsection
Nikon Hight Gauge

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