What is a carbide die insert?

Carbide die inserts are the kind of inserts that were used with carbide punches together.

Die Inserts and punches are a set of main components in a stamping tool. The die inserts and punches that we talked about are used in the electronics industry. They are usually very small in size.

They can be made of HSS, Powder Steel, and the best carbide material for durable use. Die inserts and punches are one of the most wearable components in stamping dies.

A well-machined die inert and punch set can make the usage more durable.

Except for the material factor, some of the other factors also affect the durability of carbide die inserts and punches. The roughness is one of the most important factors. The surface is smoother, the die insert parts will be more durable for use.

The die inserts sometimes were called lower dies, as it is put at the lower place of a stamping tool.

As these carbide die inserts are used for the electronics industry with small sizes, their precision sometimes is highly required. A tolerance of +/-0.003 is a common situation. Sometimes some carbide die inserts have a tolerance of even +/-0.001mm.

carbide die inserts

How these carbide die inserts were manufactured?

Usually, the carbide die inserts are manufactured by special machining machines. For example, Profile grinder (PG), Jig grinder (JG), High-end Plane Surface grinding machines with special wheels, Wire-cut EDM, and Erode EDM machines.

Wire-cut EDM would be easier for making die inserts, but if to use a profile grinding machine, the surface roughness would be controlled better.

For these carbide die inserts and punches, grinding is the best machining method to manufacture them, whether is profile grinding or surface grinding. Most of the time, different machining methods all need to be used to manufacture a carbide die insert. For example, a complex carbide die insert needs wire-cut, surface grinding, and profile grinding.

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