There are many precision machining factories in China, offering various CNC precision machining services.

Some machining factories provide standard machining parts for some standard components Companies, for example, Misumi, HASCO, etc. Some machining factories professionally provide custom mold parts for Plastic injection Mold customers, and some professionally provide custom stamping die components machining for metal stamping dies and tools customers. And some professionally provide custom machining for mechanical automation components.

Some machining companies provide big parts machining, some machining companies provide small tiny parts machining.

There are really many classifications for CNC precision machining factories. And different kinds of machining factories are equipped with different kinds of machining machines.

For example, stamping die components need more grinding machines and wire-cut EDM machining, and plastic mold parts need more turning machines and eroding EDM machines.

Some big or medium-sized machining manufacturers have full sets of machining machines, for example, Profile grinding machine, Jig grinding machines, Plane surface grinding machines, Wire-cut EDM, Erode EDM, 5-axis & 3-axis CNC machines, CNC milling machines, CNC turning machines, etc.

Some small machining factories only have one kind of machining machine, for example, CNC turning machines. They can’t make a complete component.

It is recommended that you evaluate the machining factories further based on your specific requirements and contact them directly for more information.

For us Langdi Precision, we are a medium size China CNC machining factory, that could provide full range machining services for various kinds of precision components. We also have some key specialties, for example, small hard metal and carbide components, stamping die components, mechanical automation components and fixture components. And of course, the plastic injection mold components.

The components we machined are usually small-size components, if the big-size components with lengths exceed 500mm, we may not excel at them. the More Professional, the More concentrated on the subdivided market. We concentrate on the small-size precision components.

So that’s all of the introduction of China’s CNC precision machining factory. If you have specific needs with custom requirements for the precision parts, welcome to contact us.

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