Custom Machining mechanical components involves using various machining tools and techniques to shape and form parts from raw materials.

It is a common method used in the manufacturing industry to create custom parts that meet specific design requirements according to drawings.

Some commonly machined mechanical components include:

Machine and equipment mechanical components:

These are some of the mechanical components that are used in the assembling of a machine or equipment for a specific design. Usually, these parts are not largely needed, sometimes only 1 piece or several pieces. So they can not be produced by bulk molding, only can be machined by custom machining according to drawings.

Some small checking fixture devices also can be categorized into small machines. These checking fixture devices also need many custom-machined parts.

Tool and Die Mechanical Components:

These are various kinds of tools and dies, these tools and dies are composed of components and parts.

Tools and dies include injection molds and tools, stamping dies and tools, die casting dies, and some special tooling.

There are some company don’t produce a full set of tool and die, they professional produces precision components.

To be more subdivided, some only produce the standard mechanical components; some others only produce custom-made mechanical components.

The latter needs more techniques and higher requirements for the machining machines. They are usually called precision parts companies and provide machining services for custom machining mechanical components according to specific drawings.

Custom Machining Mechanical Components

When machining mechanical components, the manufacturing process may include various operations such as turning, milling, drilling, grinding, and threading, depending on the desired shape, size, and functionality of the component.

In a word, custom machining mechanical components usually are non-standard components with specific designs, and need professional custom precision parts machining manufacturers to make them.

If you have any specific questions about machining mechanical components or need assistance with a particular component, please feel free to contact us.

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