What are the Precision Parts Processing Methods?2021-05-01T01:46:51+00:00

There are Various Kinds of Precision Processing Methods, Including (PG) Optical Curve Grinding, Precision WEDM Processing, Precision Surface Grinding, CNC High Speed Machining and NC Lathe Machining. Usually, A precision part or component is machined and processed by not only one processing method, it may contain several processing methods together to reach customer’s high precision needs.

What are the Precision Components Classifications?2021-05-01T02:06:09+00:00

Precision Components can be classified with Hardware precision components, plastic precision components and automatic machine fixtures components. According to shape classifications, it can be classified as square components, round components and out-of-round components. According to standard classifications, it also can be divided into standard components and non-stand components. Usually, non-standard components require extremely high precision requirements.

What is PG Optical Curve Grinding?2021-05-01T02:22:22+00:00

PG optical curve grinding is a kind of precision components processing method and technology. It is used to grind ultra-high precision parts with complex profiles, including straight lines, arc and curve surfaces, high precision grooves, inside and outside radius. It is suitable for curve grinding special-shaped non-standard mold parts with high hardness. The precision can reach +/- 0.001mm and the surface roughness is Ra0.270.

Which Processing requires higher precision, Standard Parts or Non-stanrd Parts?2021-05-01T02:31:52+00:00

Usually, Standard parts are with regular shape, they are standard square shape or standard round shape. They are comparatively easy to processing.

The Non-standard parts have various kinds of shapes according to specific mold parts requirements. They need ultra-high-precision processing requirements.

What is the Difference Between CNC High-Speed Machining and NC Lathe Machining?2021-05-01T02:40:43+00:00

CNC High-Speed Machining Concentrates on machining speed. It is suitable for bulk quantity hardware parts and components machining.

NC LATHE Machining concentrates on high precision standard round or non-standard round components processing and machining.


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