Mechanical automation is updating year by year these days. And automation technology is applied in various kinds of industries, especially in the automatic assembly area.

There are various kinds of assembly and production scenes in modern production factories. Robots, robotic arms, custom automatic assembly machines, and automatic packing machines are all mechanical automation systems. SMD and SMT are also of them in the PCB and semiconductor industry.

In the microelectronics and semiconductor industries, they need more automated machinery systems.

In building these automation systems, there are many kinds of parts and components, one category can be called electrical components, and another category can be called mechanical components.

The mechanical components also can be subcategorized into steel components, aluminum components, and plastic components for example bakelite components.

The steel components and aluminum components belong to the hardware mechanical components.

There are several characteristics of the hardware components for automation systems.

1 Hardware components for automation are usually custom with many shapes but a few quantities.

2 Most of the hardware components of automation systems are usually rectangular or square parts, and a few of them are circular or cylindrical parts.

3 Hardware components for automation are usually normal stainless steel or aluminum alloy materials. There are few hard metal materials.

4 A few automation hardware components are very complicated and complex and hard to process. these CNC automation parts need high machining technology to do the job.

5 Some of the hardware CNC automation parts need surface treatment, for example, blackening, TiN coating, TiCN coating, deburring, or nitrited.

So there’s all about the hardware components for the automation machinery systems. If any questions, welcome to discuss them with us. Thank you.

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