CNC Grinding is usually used for Grinding High Precision Parts. Talking about CNC Grinding, there are various kinds of CNC grinding technologies. For example, Profile grinding, surface grinding, centerless grinding, rotary grinding, internal cylindrical grinding and external cylindrical grinding.

There are different kinds of materials for CNC grinding parts. Stainless steel is the most used material. There are also tungsten carbide, high-speed steel, aluminum & aluminum alloy, brass & brass alloy, etc.

Then let’s look at some of the grinding technologies.

CNC Profile Grinding Technology

CNC profile grinding is a machining technology in which a sophisticated machinist operates the optical profile grinding machine to grind the machining parts. The profile grinding machine is also called a profile grinder. It can be used to grind the curved and grooved special-shaped parts that a normal grinder can not do. And it can get a very good shiny mirror finish for the surface of the parts. But it also costs highly. A profile grinder cost much, and its relevant grinding wheel also has high requirements. A sophisticated grinding machinist also needs time to train.

So CNC profile grinding is mainly used to grind the custom made high-precision components with high tolerance +/-0.001mm and with high finish requirements. It is also suitable for grinding difficult-to-cut materials like tungsten carbide components.


CNC Surface Grinding Technology

CNC surface grinding is more wildly used than CNC profile grinding. It uses a CNC surface grinding machine or called a plane grinder to grind the precision parts. It is used for plane grinding of shape finishing and surface parallelism and finish.

With a skilled machinist with CNC surface grinding, the maximum finish can be R0.05. And the machining accuracy also can be controlled within +-1um. And the minimum groove can be 0.07mm and the best clearance angle can be R0.01.

CNC surface grinding can satisfy all kinds of ultra-precision stamping die components processing.


Centerless Grinding Technology

Centerless grinding is a machining process that uses abrasive cutting to remove material from a workpiece between two wheels rotating in the same direction at different speeds.

With centerless grinding, the true roundness can reach up to 0.001mm, the surface roughness can reach within the Ra0.05mm, and accuracy can reach 0.001mm.


Rotary Grinding Technology

External and Internal Cylindrical Grinding Technology

Rotary grinding is a general name for cylindrical grinding. It includes external cylindrical grinding and internal cylindrical grinding.

External Cylindrical Grinding:

External cylindrical grinding is mainly used for grinding the outer surface of the workpiece and the end face of the shaft shoulder, and the precision grinding of the outer circle and outer cone.

It can also be used to reduce the diameter and taper an external thread, or for general deburring and finishing.

Internal Cylindrical Grinding:

Internal cylindrical grinding is mainly used to grind the inner hole surface with a smooth finish and its end face is formed by cylindrical, conical, or other round-shaped elements.

It can also be used to reduce the diameter, taper or chamfer an internal thread, or for general deburring and finishing.

All of the above grindings are digital automatic or digital semi-automatic grinding machining. There is also some traditional manual grinding machines. But manual grinding could not fulfill the high accuracy requirements nowadays.


CNC Grinding Service

A CNC grinding service manufacturer should be skilled in various kinds of grinding technologies. And could provide profile grinding services, surface grinding services, centerless grinding services and cylindrical grinding services.

So there’s all about the high-precision CNC grinding service. Welcome to contact us to discuss the CNC grinding technology and CNC grinding service.

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