About the CNC Machining Precision Parts Industry, It seems a small-edge Industry. But it also can be divided into several more sub-classifications. As there are really many kinds of precision parts.


According to the materials, It can be classified into precision metal parts and precision plastic parts.

According to the functions, It can be classified into precision mold parts, precision mechanical parts and precision fixture parts, precision automaton parts and custom precision parts.

Some of the precision parts are custom, and only need 1 or 2 pieces; some of the precision parts need large numbers for bulk production.

Custom precision parts usually need ultra-precision accuracy. And the batch of machined precision parts requires comparatively lower precision demands.

Classify the CNC Machining Precision Parts Industry

So there are various kinds of machining factories that provide various specific serviceS. Some factories only can make low-precision parts in bulk quantity; some factories are good at making precision plastic parts; and some factories excel at making custom precision metal parts. Some good are at making round precision parts; some are good at making square precision parts. Some are good at making big parts; some good are at making ultra-precision small parts.

But there are some rules:

  • the smaller parts, the more high-precise needed.
  • custom and non-standard parts need more ultra-precise requirements than the standard parts in bulk quantity.
  • Square parts need more ultra-precise requirements than round parts.

So even the CNC machining parts Industry seems a division of the Machining Industry. It also can be classified into more divisions. Finding a good skilled and matched machining supplier is not easy. You may speed a lot of time on it.

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