Langi Precision Japan Branch Company
Langi Precision Japan Branch Company

Langdi Precision Japan Branch Company

Due to over ten years of business with the Japanese Market, Lang Precision has accumulated tight connections with the Japanese market and Japanese customers. In order to provide better service for Japanese customers, Lang Precision decided to establish a Japan Branch Company.

Langdi Precision’s Japan Branch Company (Randy Seiko)ランディ精工株式会社 was established on 5-22-37 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan on 16th, August, 2023.  The 取締役 are Langdi Preicison Boss : 曾 華 明 and Japan Manager : 吉 田 宰 幸.  吉 田 宰 幸 will be in charge of the Japan Branch Company’s affairs.

As the Japan Branch company was just established, we still need to prepare some things and then can start to provide good service for the old and new customers in Japan.

Hope our Japan Branch company (Randy Seiko)ランディ精工株式会社 could play a positive role and provide better services for all our Japanese customers.

Below is our Japan Branch Company’s profile.

Company Profile

Trade name: Randy Seiko (ランディ精工株式会社)
Address: 5-22-37 Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director:   吉田宰幸
TEL: 03-6403-7555
M/P: 080-8417-9033
Funding capital: 5000 shares
Founded: August 21, Reiwa 5
Business items:
1. precision grinding and stamping cutting parts machining
2. Automatic machine parts, mold parts production
3. manufacture of related checking fixtures parts and precision equipment parts
4. All operations related to each of the above items
Affiliated company: Dongguan Langdi Precision Mold Co., Ltd.