Mechanical automation components refer to a wide range of parts and devices used in automated systems. It also can be called mechanical system components.

Some common mechanical automation components include Actuators, Pneumatic components, Sensors and switches, Hydraulic components, Conveyors and belts, Hinges bearings and couplings, Brakes and clutches, and Guide rails and slides.

The mechanical automation components also can be called mechanical system components, as these components are usually used in an automation system.

Some of the mechanical components can be produced by bulk production. A few of them are custom-shaped according to different automation systems and need to be custom-machined by precision machining machines.

The machined mechanical automation components usually don’t need very high precision requirements compared to the tool and die components. However, some of them are very complicated shapes that may increase the machining difficulties.

Some complicated mechanical automation components may need a 5-axis CNC machining machine to process them. Some of them need highly polished surfaces that may need precision surface grinding, profile grinding, or jig grinding.

The basic turning and milling for the mechanical automation components are very common.

Machined Mechanical Automation Components

So to get a good machined mechanical automation component, we also need to master a full range of the machining and processing technologies. Like grinding, wire-cut EDM, erode EDM, high-speed CNC machining, milling and turning, etc.

mechanical automation components machining

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