Zeng Huaming

CEO/General Manager

Phone: +86-18929295480

Email: ceo@dglangdi.cn

Liu Jinlan

Legal Person/Management

Email: ld01@dglangdi.cn

Sirius Liu

Head of Sales

Phone: +86-15338374626

Email: sales@langdi-precision.com

Miss Liao

Sales Person

Email: ld02@dglangdi.cn

Miss Wang

Sales Person

Email: ld03@dglangdi.cn

Mr. Liu

Domestic Sales

Mr. Gan

Technical Manager

Mr. He

Production Manager

Mrs. Jiang

Quality & Inpsection Manager

Mr. Yang

CNC Grinding Department Supervior

Mr. Huang

EDM Machining Depatment Supervisor

Mr. Zeng

CNC Milling and Turning Department Supervisor