Metal stamping die is one of the most used metal processing methods. And metal stamping dies are the most important process equipment in the processing process of metal stamping parts, which is related to the performance and quality of the final product of stamping parts. In order to extend the service life and use the effect of the metal stamping die, it is necessary to do a good job in the maintenance of the metal stamping mold.


There are some of the hardware stamping dies tip listed below:


1 Before use, check whether the state of the metal stamping mold is intact. And check whether the stamping materials used meet the requirements of the process drawings. This would prevent damage to the mold due to the raw materials not meeting the requirements.


2 During the use of the stamping dies, the punch is prone to breaking, bending or gnawing. And the punching sleeve is generally gnawed.


Damage to punches and bushings is generally replaced with parts of the same specification. The parameters of the punch mainly include the working part size, the installation part size, length size, etc.


3 Check the looseness of each set of molds, check the screws, fasten the parts, check whether the fastening parts are loose and damaged, and if there is damage, you need to find parts of the same specification for replacement.


4 Elastic parts such as springs are most easily damaged during use, and usually break and deform, which need to be carefully inspected. Replace the elastic parts such as damaged or failed springs (pay attention to the specifications and models of springs).


5 The metal stamping die must be sharpened after long-term use. And the cutting-edge surface must be demagnetized after grinding, it cannot be magnetic, otherwise, it is easy to block.


6 After the hardware stamping dies are used, the surface needs to be cleaned to remove oil dust and other impurities, so as to achieve a clean appearance, no rust, and no oil scale.


For the maintenance of hardware stamping dies, operators need to pay attention to them in their daily work. Doing a good job in detail, and doing every maintenance work in place to avoid failures. With these works, It will extend its service life well.

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