The difficulty of CNC processing of all metal mobile phones: leads to insufficient production capacity. In fact, it seems that the threshold of the mobile phone metal CNC industry is relatively low. And it can start production after purchasing relevant equipment. However, it is not easy to do a good job. The same manufacturers of metal CNC processing have different technical levels and different industry accumulation. It will affect their production yield level. In other words, it is still a big problem for most manufacturers to raise the CNC processing yield to a higher level.

A well-known CNC factory in the industry said: ” Because all metal CNC processing is very complex, and every process is very important, especially CNC processing and secondary processing, a little carelessness may lead to the scrapping of the whole product.”

The plastic shell can be produced in batches only by opening the mold, and the yield can reach more than 90%. The shell with a metal frame structure can achieve 85-90% yield. But the yield of CNC products with large areas and all-metal fuselage can reach 75% at present, which is very high.

If the 75% yield rate is still acceptable, then the secondary processing will make this data continue to decline. And the mobile phone metal technology is impossible to directly use the metal shell, it is necessary to carry out secondary processing. The “secondary processing” process includes polishing, wire drawing / sandblasting, anode and other surface treatment processes. The cost of all metal CNC products is very high when it comes to secondary processing. If there are problems in these processes, such as scratching a little bit during wire drawing, it will take a lot of manpower and material resources to make up for them. In many cases, it can not be repaired, which has a great impact on the yield.

In addition, the reason why “secondary processing” will cause great yield loss is not only the problems in the process itself but also affected by the effect of CNC processing. Because all metal CNC products are made of a whole piece of metal through CNC processing or forging, stamping die punching and pressing, the processing area is large. It is very easy to cause Scratches in the CNC processing process. And it is difficult to avoid the occurrence of chatter marks. It lays the foreshadowing for the difficulty of secondary processing.

On the problem of “vibration marks”, we don’t know how many CNC processing plants have been knocked down. It is understood that this year a metal CNC processing plant has been unable to improve the yield due to this problem in the production of the metal fuselage. Finally, it can only reduce the chatter marks by reducing the CNC processing speed and readjusting the CNC process. So as to improve the pass rate of “secondary processing”. Because of this, delivery efficiency is sacrificed.

In the face of this embarrassing and helpless situation, the industry has lamented: “for the metal CNC industry. The yield is the core competitiveness, and to improve the yield, the secondary processing of this obstacle is not around.”

From the above multi-dimensional description of the number of people, it is not difficult to see that a metal mobile phone from production to the market has to go through “tempering” layer by layer. And the metal mobile phone you use is the best among many products. It’s because manufacturers know this process very well that they spend more words or money on a mobile phone.

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