Talking about PG, as we know, it is an abbreviation of Profile Grinding or Profile Grinder. Profile grinder is mainly designed for grinding hard metal components for stamping tools and dies. For example, Carbide die components.

Profile Grinder has a magnifier system installed into the machine that allows us can see clearly about 50 to 100 times for parts details in the machining and grinding process. So it can control the precision tolerance to ±0.001mm (1μm) for the machining of the parts.

Profile Grinder with a magnifier system

Profile grinding machine of course is a kind of very expensive machine. It nearly cost about 200 thousand US dollars. The Main Profile grinder manufacturers are spread in Japan, Germany, and the USA.

There is one thing needs to be noticed that Profile grinding is mainly used for grinding square, rectangular, and cubic components, it is not suitable for grinding round and cylindrical components.

For round and cylindrical components, there is another grinding machine called a jig grinder that is mainly used to grind round and cylindrical parts with holes. The jig grinder also can be briefly called JG.

As stamping die components are mainly square, rectangular, and cubic components, profile grinding is very suitable for grinding various kinds of die components. Especially the carbide punches and carbide die insert components.

PG Profile Grinding for Die Components

There is one thing needs to notice that the profile grinder is mainly used to grind small precision components. If very big components, the machine’s process capacity is limited, and can not machine those kinds of parts.

When we have the Profile grinding machine, we also need to have a highly-trained operator to operate the machine. Then we can make the precision parts by profile grinding with high precision to ±0.001mm (1μm).

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    Hello, I think your blog is very excellent!

    The Profile Grinding is very suitable for the carbide punches and die inserts machining!

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