In automation systems, there are various kinds of precision parts. Some are electrical parts, and some are mechanical parts that include jigs and fixtures, and gauges.

Jigs and Fixtures Function

Jigs and Fixtures are working holders or supporting devices used in automatic production, industrial manufacturing process, or inspection process.

They are used to position the parts and tools securely in place in a machining or manufacturing system.

In the automation or semi-automatic manufacturing process, jig and fixture can be used in the machining, matching, assembling and inspecting sectors.

Although Jigs and fixtures are mainly used for the location and positioning of the parts. Jigs and fixtures themselves are also composed of precision parts. Some single jigs and fixtures also can be regarded as locating components.

With help of Jigs and fixtures, it could hugely reduce human efforts in the automatic and intelligent manufacturing process.

precision parts for jigs and fixtures

precision parts for jigs and fixtures

How do Jigs and Fixtures to be manufactured?

Jigs and fixtures are mechanical parts, they are usually manufactured in mechanical ways, for example, CNC machining. Laser processing may affect the character of materials by extreme heat produced by a laser beam. The 3D printing method can print the shape, but could not reach the hardness of the jigs and fixtures required. So CNC mechanical machining is the best way.

There are various kinds of CNC machining methods, for example, CNC milling, CNC lathe turning, CNC grinding, CNC drilling, Wire Cut, and EDM, etc.

What are the differences between a jig and a fixture?

A jig is a device that holds and locates a workpiece and guides and controls one or more cutting tools. It is more like a complicated clamp.

A fixture is a device that holds and locates a workpiece for a manufacturing operation or during an inspection.  Fixtures can help the repeated automatic production. this will reduce defects and variability in bulk production. So fixtures can ensure the same quality of the same batch of products in bulk production.

Fixtures are suitable for large quantity bulk production, but not suitable for small quantity custom production.

So there’s all about the Jigs and Fixtures. Welcome to contact us to discuss more the topic.

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