Carbide punches and dies are commonly used in the manufacturing industry for punching, stamping, and forming. Carbide is a high-performance material known for its hardness, wear resistance, and ability to withstand high temperatures. Press punches and dies or called stamping punches and dies are mainly used in the press tools and stamping dies and tools. Press tools and dies include many kinds of components, press punches and dies are one set of mostly used parts and also the most wearable parts.

Here are a few key things to consider when it comes to press punches and dies in carbide:

1 Material selection

Carbide punches and dies are typically made from tungsten carbide, which is a composite material made of tungsten and carbon. Carbide material also can be called WC. The carbide materials manufacturing countries are mainly Japan, Germany, America, China, Sweden, Switzerland and Luxembourg, etc.

2 Design considerations

The design of carbide punches and dies depends on the specific application. Factors to consider include the shape and size of the punch or die, the clearance between the punch and die, and the required tolerances. Usually, carbide punches and dies are small sizes. And Some of them are designed with an R-angle, for example, R37.5, R30, R15, or other kinds of specific R-angels.

3 Manufacturing process

Carbide punches and dies are usually manufactured using grinding and EDM integrated techniques. The process involves plain surface grinding, profile curve grinding, Wire-Cut EDM, and Sinker-Erode EDM. Of course, there are also CNC milling or CNC turning techniques used sometimes.

4 Maintenance and lifespan

Carbide punches and dies have a longer lifespan compared to traditional tooling materials. However, they may still require periodic maintenance, such as cleaning, regrinding, or re-coating, depending on the specific application and wear patterns. Regular maintenance can help prolong the life of the punches and dies and ensure consistent performance.

It is always recommended to work with a trusted precision component machining supplier or manufacturer who can manufacture good quality and precision carbide punches and dies with rich experience and excellent techniques. They can assist with manufacturing to ensure optimal performance and durability for the press punches and dies in carbide.

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