Precision Automation System Components


Precision Automated System Components

The Precision Automaton Components are used for terminal assembly automatic machines.

The Precision Automaton Parts are machined by Precision WEDM Processing + Precision Surface Grinding Technology.


Precision Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (WEDM) Technology:

Seibu High precision WEDM M50B and Sodick WEDM AQ360LXs.

Processing accuracy up to +-2um.

Finish up to Ra0.31.

Min. line diameter 0.07mm.

The best clearance angle is R0.06.

It can satisfy all kinds of mold complex inlay or special cavity parts fine processing.


Precision Surface Grinding Technology:

The precision plane grinders are mainly used for precision machining of shape finishing and surface parallelism and finish.

The maximum finish is R0.05.

The machining accuracy can be controlled within +-1um.

The minimum groove is 0.07mm.

The best clearance angle is R0.01.

It can satisfy all kinds of ultra-precision die parts processing.


Langdi Precision is a professional precision mold parts machining factory that provides professional processing technology solutions for various precision metal and plastic mold parts, precision cores, inserts, thimble barrels, machine parts, fixtures, CNC precision parts, etc.


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