Profile grinding punches made in China are produced by numerous manufacturers specializing in high-precision tooling for various industrial applications.

Profile grinding punches are usually small-size carbide punches and HSS punches around 50 mm to 80 mm that are used for in a stamping tool for punching and forming special shapes into a piece of sheet metal in copper, steel, or aluminum materials.

How to make a profile grinding punch?

The profile grinding punch as its name mentions is made by profile grinding machines, or called CNC grinders.

Profile Grinder with a magnifier system

What is the profile grinding process?

Profile grinding process includes projection and grinding process for the precision parts. In this process, a precision part is projected at a magnification of 20 times or 50 times onto a product shape drawing that is projected in advance like a shadow picture. Then the operator controls the profile grinding machine to grind the precision part into the desired shape by the grinding wheel.


In the 1990s 20th century, profile grinding machines only exist in Japan, Germany, or the U.S.A. Now in the 21’s century, many Chinese factory owners have the ability to buy profile grinding machines, and there are more and more high-quality profile grinding punches made in China now.

Let’s see one of the prominent manufacturers of custom profile grinding punches:

Dongguan Langdi Precision Mould Co., Ltd. – The company was established in 2010. It manufactures a wide range of high-precision profile grinding punches using materials like high-speed steel (HSS), carbide, and other high-durability hard alloys. It specializes in producing customized high-precision grinding punches and various other precision components. especially custom profile grinding carbide part punch die made in china.

It uses advanced machinery from Japan, and Taiwan Region to ensure high precision and quality. Its products are suitable for connector and terminal industries, electronics industries, medical industries, and automation parts industries, etc.

Now Chinese Profile grinding punch manufacturers utilize advanced technologies such as CNC machining, EDM, and various grinding techniques to produce punches with precise tolerances and high-quality finishes. They cater to both standard and custom requirements, ensuring flexibility and high standards in their production processes.

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