Talking about the precision parts, most of us may think about the cylindrical shaped parts. As they has an centre of a circle, and comparatively easy to process. Of course except for some of the cylindrical parts with high precision requirement < 1um.

plastic precision-mold-components-langdi-precision-machining

There are also some kinds of irregular precision parts with special shapes. These are parts are non-cylindrical shape, they are special shapes, but more approach rectangular or square shape. We call them custom precision parts or non-standard parts, or special shaped parts.

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These rectangular or square shaped parts we mentioned are with high-precision request to +/- 1um or 2um. Not the common metal parts with low precision requirements.

These custom made rectangular parts has widely applications. Some special parts are used in tungsten carbide material as the carbide cutting punches in the stamping forming mold in the electronics industry, especially the the connector and terminals industry.

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Some other custom made rectangular parts are used as the precision mold parts for automotive, medical and semi-conductor industry, or mechanical parts in the automation systems. They are roughly are rectangular shape or square shape, but irregular. These are parts sometimes need to use the hard metal tungsten carbide material, or high-speed stainless steel material. So they are difficult to cut and process, and also have the high-precision request within +/- 1um or 2um.


plastic precision-mold-components-langdi-precision-machining

Ordinary CNC machines can not process these kinds of special shaped parts. A Profile Grinder is must equipment, and need experienced and skillful operators. There are also need some matched machining machines, like Wire-EDM, Surface Grinding Machines and NC Lathe Machines etc.

tungsten carbide punch parts machined by pg ginder

So there’s all about the Rectangular or Square shape Custom Precision Special Parts Machining. Langdi Precision is one of the expert company that specializes in this category, and serve many top Japan and Germany Customers.

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