Talking About Custom Machining Special Shape Parts

As we know, most precision parts are standard parts. They are normal and used widely. But some of the precision parts are special shaped. These custom special parts are used in some cold stamping and forming mold or in some automated system.

precision hardware automation system components

Precision parts have various kinds of types, as we talked before, punches and dies, cores and cavities, ejectors pins and sleeves, guide pins and bushings, mold inserts and mode basements etc. Most of them have the standard sizes, you can buy the standard parts on Misumi platform. But Most of them also have the custom made shaped parts according to some industries’ custom products or newly-developed products for special requirements. For example, automotive industry, medical industry, electronics and semi-conductor industry, especially rectangular connector and terminal block industry. These are Precision mold/tool/die parts.

ejector pins and sleeves mold parts

There are also some of special precision parts used in the automated machine systems. A part of them are mechanical parts and fixture parts. They need to be machined in special shapes and in high-precision requirements. As they need to be assembled into the automation system. These automated system may be automatic assembly machines or SMT/SMD machines for some micro electronics parts or PCB chips.

metal precision-mold-components for auto-langdi-precision-machining

Among these precision parts, the custom made cutting punches are one of the most items. As custom parts mostly may be hardware parts, not plastic parts. They need to be made in the cold stamping mold, metal forming mold, metal blanking die or press die etc.

They not like plastic parts with a set of injection mold, then can be bulk produced. These hardware parts need to be punched (or called stamped) piece by piece in the cold stamping process.

plastic precision-mold-components-langdi-precision-machining

The hardness of the cutting punches is important. The hard metal is usually used, like cemented tungsten carbide, or high-speed steel. Their hardness requires HRC 80~90 (carbide) or at least HRC 62~65 (high-speed steel). So the carbide cutting punches are mostly required. There are standard parts, and also custom made parts.

metal precision-mold-components-langdi-precision-machining

The hard metal is comparatively difficult to cut and process. The custom made hard metal parts are more difficult to process and machine. As these special carbide parts also need high-precision. We need to use high-end machining equipment, like Profile Grinder and High Precision EDM. And also we need experienced and skilled technical workers to operate the machining equipment. Then the high hardness high-precision custom tungsten carbide punches can be made.

Except for the punches, there are also some other special parts, for example carbide wear parts, aluminum alloy parts, fixture parts etc.

plastic precision-mold-components-langdi-precision-machining

All in all, custom made special shaped precision parts need a spirit of artists to do it. Together with advanced equipment and sophisticated technicians, then we can make them well.

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