Plain surface grinding is a machining process used to create a smooth and flat surface on a workpiece. The workpiece usually is steel or carbide material. These workpieces can be stamping die components, plastic injection mold components, automation components or fixture components, etc.

Plain surface grinding involves the use of a grinding wheel to remove material from the surface of the workpiece. It will get precise and even finish. In the machining industry, there is a roughness parameter that is called RA value, or VDI value, or a symbol of the inverted triangle. For example, RA0.30, VDI3400 10, etc.


Plain surface grinding is a semi-automatic and semi-manual work, the machine is called a plane grinder or plain surface grinding machine. The operator is also called a machinist. Of course, there may be some full automation grinding machines in the future, but in order to control better precision, manual operation is essential.

The surface grinding process typically begins with the selection of a suitable grinding wheel, which is mounted on a grinding machine. The workpiece is then placed on the machine’s work table, and the grinding wheel is brought into contact with the surface of the workpiece.

surface grinding is better than edm for stamping die components

Usually, the workpiece is fixed on the platform, as the grinding wheel rotates, it removes material from the workpiece by abrasion. The grinding machine is typically equipped with a coolant system to prevent overheating and to wash away any debris or swarf generated during the grinding process. The grinding process continues until the desired dimensions and surface roughness are achieved.

cooling systems for surface grinding machine

Plain surface grinding is commonly used in manufacturing and metalworking industries to create flat surfaces on components such as machine parts, die components, mold parts, and tool components in steel or carbide material. It is also used for surface preparation before further machining operations, such as milling, drilling, EDM, or profile grinding.


Overall, plain surface grinding is a versatile and precise machining process. It allows for the creation of smooth and flat surfaces on various kinds of mechanical components.

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