Industrial production uses injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, die casting, or forging molding and smelting. The methods of stamping products of various molds and tools needed are called mould. With the development of the industry, aviation, hardware, automotive, home appliances, and medical for daily use, such as manufacturing production are inseparable from the mold.


Die spare parts refer to the general name of metal parts used for stamping die, plastic mold or FA automation equipment. Mould parts are widely used in various kinds of plastic mould, stamping die, automobile, electric and aviation.

According to the mold industry, it is divided into standard parts and non-standard parts:

  1. Mold standard parts.

National standard, Japan MISUMI/O standard, US DME/O standard, Spanish CUMSA/O standard, German HASCO/O standard, Germany FIBRO standard, etc.

Standard parts of the mold are standard, which is standardized without special and popular. Standard parts can also be fine for plastic mold parts and metal stamping dies accessories and automatic machinery parts.

Plastic mold parts roughly: single section shoot tip, double shoot tip, double shoot tip, flat tip, flat tip, positioning column, guide sleeve, straight sets of plastic mold, stele, guide sleeve, straight sets of plastic mold, set, positioning column, square auxiliary apparatus, stereotaxic block group guide an auxiliary device, A, B, C type filling mouth, fixed ring type A, B, standard mechanical switch apparatus, small square auxiliary device, shuikou special sprue bushing, gate standard special sprue bushing, mold date indicating device, resin switch device, water stop switch, plastic mold with the finished tip, lead, barrel, small C, brace rod tip, pull the pin, plastic mold guide pin, rod, pin, spring, thimble, ejector, garbage, etc.

Automation machinery parts roughly: guide shaft bearing, retaining ring, linear bearings, ball guide shaft, oil-free bushings, single axis robot, drive, linear guide, linear slide rail, cable protection chain, ball screw, bearing components, trapezoidal screw, sliding screw, shaft, bearing, bearing, cantilever pin hinge pin, protection by steps, screw, shaft coupling, motor, synchronous belt wheel, idler, synchronous toothed belt, free key bushing, flat belt, round belt, pulley, idler wheel, roller, transmission parts, gear, sprocket, chain, conveyor, positioning pin, a fixture with bushing, positioning parts, slide, lens, the LED illuminator, check seat, sensors, switches, probes and pillar, bearing, clamp? check fixtures

Hardware die parts roughly: H straight blade forming punch, type A secondary punch, punch, type B, type K sprout punch, type A lash punch, punch, concave die, bushing, high-speed steel round bar, ultra-small particle tungsten steel round bar, powder high-speed steel round bar, lifting pin, pin, screw, positioning pin to stop (fixed pin), such as sleeve, guide pin, guide sleeve, precision grade chrome plated guide pillar, the precision grade copper titanium alloy guide bush, self-lubricating guide bush, inner guide pillar components, mold base with sliding guide pin components, mold base with ball guide pin components, can be disassembled ball guide pin component, guide pin components, steel ball set (cage), the independent guide column, hexagon screws, such as screws, etc.

  1. Mold non-standard parts

The non-standard parts of the mold are generally the specification and shape, and the non-standard parts also can be called custom mold parts. In general, the non-standard parts of the mold are the drawings and requirements provided by the supplier for processing. And mold parts for the high precision and high-quality requirements on hardware accessories, all the mold parts of the industrial and technical equipment requirements are very high, non-standard precision mold precision up to 0.001 MM tolerance. Such as rubber injection mold and product contact parts, in general, are standard parts, before having the main mold, mold, and after insert. Can also be said that in addition to the screw, water nozzle, plunger, aprons, spring, and the rest of the mold are almost standard parts.


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