From the manufacturing point of view, the main factors that affect the precision mold components processing are the following.

  1. Surface. Precision mold components of the processing outside surface are easier than the internal surface, the surface of the rule is easier to process than the irregular surface, and the processing hole is easier than the die space.
  2. Precision. The higher the accuracy of precision mold parts, the more difficult it is to make. The relative position accuracy depends on the equipment, measurement, repair mold manufacturing precision and forming part of the guarantee. Other parts of the position accuracy can be guaranteed by the same method and can reduce the cost.
  3. Surface roughness. Precision mold parts’ surface roughness on the mold is very important, the manufacturing time is more. Increasing the surface decoration is bound to increase the manufacturing process, but sometimes can reduce the surface roughness requirements.
  4. The Number of holes and cavities. Precision mold components hole and the cavity of increase in number, no doubt to the higher requirements for mold manufacturing factories and position (especially the relative position of the requirements, increase the complexity and difficulty in the manufacture of mold.
  5. Heat treatment. The heat treatment of precision mold parts not only needs to meet the user requirements for mold life, but also affects the manufacturing efficiency of the process.
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