The tool and die components include various kinds of precision components used for the Tools, dies and molds. When we talk about the tool and die components, it usually refers to the stamping tools and stamping dies that are used to produce the metal parts in bulk quantity.

A set of stamping tools includes many kinds of precision components, for example, mostly used punches and die inserts, die stripper plates, guide plates, main disc plates, guide pins and bushings, etc.

The stamping tools have different kinds of sizes, some are very big sizes used for producing metal parts for the automotive industry for example; and some stamping dies are very small sizes used for producing metal parts for the connector and terminal industry for example.

The size of a set of stamping dies is smaller, the precision tolerance requires more accuracy. For example, the stamping die components for the microelectronics industry usually have a tolerance requirement of +/-0.001~0.002 mm. These tool and die components need professional and experienced precision machining companies to do the work.

The tool and die components usually need grinding workmanship, as they are mostly square-shaped components. Like profile grinding, surface grinding, centerless grinding, etc.

And then need the wire-cut, erode EDM, CNC, milling, turning integrated together. There are also some irregular shapes for the parts, for example, with radius, with square holes and round holes, etc.

So there’s all about the tool and die components we are talking about today. If any questions, welcome to discuss us.

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    This is a brief introduction of tool and die components.

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