As a tool components manufacturer, we actually did not know much about stamping and punching technology. But in the long-term cooperation with stamping customers, we get to know a little about the stamping working processes.

Nowadays, stamping tools are not simple sets of mechanical stamping dies, they include some electric elements that may stamping process equipped with automation systems. So a stamping designer also can be called an electromechanical designer engineer. The simple stamping dies can not fulfill the needs of modern sheet metal parts bulk production, so progressive dies and transfer die are now popularly applied in industrial production. Except for the stamping process, there are also subsequent bending processing or assembling processes for the sheet metal parts. These processes are all can be designed with automation machine systems.

Actually, we don’t know how these stamping automation machines, bending automation machines, and assembling automatic machine systems work. But we know that these automation systems need many precision components. Maybe some electrical components and mechanical components. We just know that mechanical components are a major part of them. And we actually have made precision mechanical tool components for stamping, bending, and assembling automatic machine systems for years.

Tool Components for Stamping, Bending and Assembling Automatic Machine Systems

From our experience, Most mechanical tool components are Ok for some comparatively easy machining, But a few of them are very complicated. Some of them are round shape and square shape combinations, and also have very high-precision dimensions requirements. The irregular shapes sometimes are very complex and not easy to process. Only with rich experiences and advanced CNC machines, we are able to manufacture them.

For the stamping and punching tools, usually, they are used to produce rectangular or square-shaped sheet metal parts, less round-shaped sheet metal parts. So the tool components for the Stamping automatic machines mostly are rectangular or square shapes, and also a few round or circular shapes.

These are all our experiences in the making of tool components for stamping and bending and assembling automatic machine systems. As a precision machining manufacturer, we are able to machine various kinds of complex individual precision components. But in the machining industry, we should be modest and make our machining technologies better and better.

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