Precision Mold Components are the general terms for small pieces of mold parts. These mold parts are used in stamping molds, plastic molds,  automatic machines, or fixtures.

Mold component accessories include: punch needle, punch insert, punch, guide column, guide sleeve, thimble, cylinder, steel bead cover, no oil guide cover, no oil guide skateboard, guide column assembly, terminal connectors, Automaton Precision Components, fixture components and other common types.

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There can be categorized into three main types:

  1. hardware stamping precision mold components
  2. plastic mold parts
  3. non-standard automation equipment and fixture precision components.

plastic precision-mold-components-langdi-precision-machining

According to the application, there are precision mold parts for the auto car industry; precision mold inserts for electronics mobile and computer industries; precision mold components for the medical industry; precision components for terminal assembly; precision parts for automatic machines and fixtures, etc.

There are also some mold components that are used in very specific industries. For example, the LED industry, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(Drone) Industry, and Aerospace Industry, etc.


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The Mold Components also can be mold inserts. They are irregular mold parts embedded in the mold, playing the role of fixing the space between the template and filling the template. The mold inserts can be square, round, and sheet-shaped, their precision requirements usually are extremely high. Generally, there is no finished or standard product, each mold component and insert needs to be customized according to the needs of the mold.

Most of them are used as tiny precision parts inserted into a big mold. The mold insets have the function of exhaust, easy processing, easy to replace, and easy to control important sizes.

Although these mold inserts are small and tiny, they are essential. And Because of ultra-high precision dimension requirements, they are not easy to make. There is why the ultra-high-precision mold components machining industry exists.


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