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ejector pins and sleeves mold parts

Precision Mold Parts Machining Manufacturer

There are some mold & tools and automation systems that need precision parts. These precision mold parts, stamping die components and cold forming tools usually require to use hard metal materials like HSS/Cabides, and have high-precision requirements. And some are micro-precision parts. These precision parts include punches and die, cores and cavities, ejector pins and sleeves, guide pins and bushings, etc.

special shape tungsten carbide punches

Micro Stamping Die Components & Die Punches Supplier

There are various shapes of precision mold components. Some are circular parts or cylindrical parts, some are rectangular,square or cubic shaped parts, like rectangular connectors. These are non-standard custom parts. Langdi Precision is excellent at processing  mold and die components of  cylindrical & rectangular & square & cubic shapes.

Custom Cemented Tungsten Carbide Cutting Punches

Cemented Tungsten Carbide Punches for Stamping Dies and Tools

We have high-end equipment that can machine hard metal materials. These hard alloys were called cemented carbide or Tungsten carbide steel. These materials are not easy to cut and process. Langdi Precision is very skillful at machining special carbide die punches with high-precision +/-0.002mm (2μm).

Precision Automated System Components
hardware precision automation components

Hardware Mechanical Components and Fixtures for Automation Machinery System

Except for the precision mold parts, there are some hardware mechanical parts and fixture parts for relevant automation systems. There precision parts also are custom special parts. Langdi Precision also has rich experiences in machining hardware automatic machine parts and fixture parts.

(PG)OPTICAL Profile Curve Grinding
Rational Projector Measurement Inpsection

High-End Precision Machining and Measurement Equipment

Langdi Precision has a variety of high-precision machining equipment. They Include (PG) Optical Curve Grinding Machines, also called Profile Ginders,  Precision WEDM Precision Machines, Precision Surface Grinding Machines, CNC High-Speed Machining Machines, NC Lathe Machines, and other related milling and oil cutting machines.

Langdi Precision also has high-precision measuring and quality management equipment. They include Swiss-made Altimeters, Japan-made height gauges, and 2.5D Image Measuring Instruments, etc.

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